Welcome to The House of the Lord

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Welcome to the dynamic community of The House of the Lord. We are people and sometimes we don’t smell good.  We aspire to be dispensers of the love of God, but we are real people who often fall short of our aspirations.

We are a community that seeks to love you where you are and walk with you as you become who God wants you be.  We don’t want to try to fix you—we want to walk with you, while God is walking with all of us in vivid relationship and fellowship.  We’re walking towards what God wants us to be, not towards some performance-based goal.


We want to “LOL,” i.e. “Love Out Loud!”  We want to love OUTside the walls of our church to extend the love of God right where people are and right in the condition they’re in so that more souls can be saved.  We want to love LOUDer than our personal agendas, policies and procedures and so LOUD that the world takes notice as we partner with God to transform Akron first and then the world.


From a biblical and Hebrew perspective, we are not thinking things or believing things, but imaginative, desiring animals who are defined fundamentally by love.  The first and important commandment of the Old Testament and a profound principle of the New Testament is that “You shall Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.”  We are loving animals who worship what we love!

This worship is captured in the rituals, liturgies, or habits that point towards what we love.  These habits are formed unconsciously through socialization and consciously through choices.  We invite you to participate with us in forming conscious worship habits, i.e. gathering together, praising God, studying and living the Bible, giving, embracing, struggling, etc., which will point us and form us, consciously and unconsciously, in the direction of experiencing and loving God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and each other.


Bishop Joey Johnson has pastored The House of the Lord from its establishment over 47 years ago. He has had several seasons of leadership, but in this current season he has moved from being a hero of organizations to a host of conversations. This has led Bishop Joey into a growing list of community conversations, initiatives, and endeavors for the purpose of speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves and facilitating justice for those who are being crushed. You can learn more about his work by consulting his webpage: http://www.bishopjohnsonministries.com

What Can You Expect at THOTL?

We, at The House of the Lord, are a community of believers that love the Lord and demonstrate that love to others through our motto…Love Out Loud! Our worship services are vibrant and powerful, offering the opportunity for everyone to experience genuine worship and fellowship.

We offer adult Church School classes providing in-depth learning and interaction around the Word of God. Our desire is that everyone would be connected and growing through the Word and fellowship with other believers.

Our Community Events are designed to provide fellowship opportunities on a large scale. These events include concerts, New Years Eve fellowships, Valentine’s Day Fellowships for Married Couples, Lemonade on the Lawn, Carols and Cocoa, to name a few!

We believe in helping others and demonstrate that love through our participation in activities like Operation Christmas Child where we regularly send shoe boxes to foreign countries for children in need.

You can expect a warm and friendly atmosphere where your presence is appreciated and you are welcome to worship with us any time!

Where Do We Take Our Kids?

The House of the Lord is a Family-Oriented and Kid-Friendly Church. We encourage parents to bring their children to church with them so that they can receive a strong Christian foundation that will carry them throughout their lives. Children are welcome in all worship services, but we also provide church school classes and activities for children of all ages.

Our Nursery is available for children from 6-weeks old to 2 years old. The Nursery is open during the 10:30am service and during special services. This is not babysitting service, the toddlers are taught about Jesus and His love for them.

Early Childhood ministers to children from 3 years old thru Kindergarten. This is age group is taught the love of God and in particular the love of God specifically for them. And how to demonstrate that love to each other. They are taught to memorize scripture and introduced to songs of faith that will become the foundation of their Christian walk.

Our Children’s Division ministers to children grades 1st thru 6th. Here they learn begin to experience more in-depth Bible study and group interaction. This age group is about their faith, but how to share their faith with others around them.

J-Crew is our Junior and Senior High Ministry. Here the youth are encouraged to develop their Spiritual Gifts, share their faith and bring their friends as they learn how to walk out their faith in genuine and authentic Christian love. This age group often turns their faith into action by helping other ministries and outside organizations.

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