Creative Ministries

Creative Ministries at the House of the Lord

Below you’ll find a listing of different ministries at The House of the Lord led by our ministers, pastors, deacons, and other leaders. There is something for everyone to get involved and connected deeper in relationship with each other and with our great God.

Creative ministries are ministries that focus on the creative arts and media at the House of the Lord, and include: Celebration Arts, creative media team, photography, audio, video, and more.


Managing and operating the bookstore of The House of the Lord

Leader: Pastor Pat Butler (

Location: TBA

Celebration Arts Ministry

Ministry of music, dance, drama and sign language. 

Leader: Angela Gibbons (

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Creative Media Team

Production of videos, commercials, DVD’s.  Responsible for creating and developing special multi-media productions for both live and recorded presentations.

Leader:  Angela Gibbons (

Day: Per project

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Conference Room

Marketing Ministry

Ministry team from various disciplines, gifts and abilities and talents that promote The House of the Lord® worship services and events to the community.

Leader: Min. Cheryl Warfield (

Day: Per event

Location: TBA

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Pat Butler (

Multimedia (Audio & Video)

Audio and visual arts ministry.  This includes audio and video tape production and reproduction, camera operators, sound board operators, etc.

Leader:  Angela Gibbons (

Day: Friday

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Great Worship Center

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (


“Capturing moments” through the camera lens at designated events.

Leader: Angela Gibbons (

Day: all events

Location: TBA

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (