Family Ministries

Family Ministires at the House of the Lord

Below you’ll find a listing of different ministries at The House of the Lord led by our ministers, pastors, deacons, and other leaders. There is something for everyone to get involved and connected deeper in relationship with each other and with our great God.

Family ministries are those that center around the family and individuals to come alongside them in spiritual growth and education.These ministries include: Christian Education ministry, couples ministry, men’s, women’s, 4:12 Youth ministry, Mighty Men of Valor, pre-marital counseling, senior adult ministry, and more.

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Christian Education Ministry

Sunday School ministry that includes Nursery, Early Childhood (Pre-K & K), Children’s (Grades 1-6), youth (high school), adult classes, and Chosen Vessels Ministry to teenage girls.

Leader: Sister Sheila Watkins (

Day: Primarily Sunday morning but some weekdays

Time: 8:45am & 11:30am on Sunday mornings

Location: The House of the Lord and TBA

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Daren Brake (

Couples Ministry

Ministry to the couples of the church through small group venues, activities and fellowship.

Leaders: Min. James and Min. Vikki Friday, Bro. Robert and Min. Josephine Wilson, Brandon and Cara Ford

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

For Men Only

Small group ministry for men who struggle with various forms of sexual addition to break addictive patterns and develop integrity.

Leader:  Dennis Otto (

Day: Alternative Mondays

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: The House of the Lord office

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

For Women Only

Small group ministry to women struggling with relational problems, addictions, codependency, father wounds, and shame.

Leader:  Min. Roberta Nelson (

Location: The House of the Lord

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Mighty Men of Valor (Men’s Ministry)

A gathering and time of fellowship for the men of The House of the Lord® and the community of men at large.  Includes Tuesday night Men’s Fellowship and Rites of Passage for young men. 

Leader: Min. Antonio Jackson (

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

The School of the Prophets

The School of the Prophets is the ministry that trains those with a prophetic gifting in exhortation, comfortation and edification for the Body.

Pre-Marital Mentoring

Ministry of support and discipling of engaged or newly married couples.

Leaders:  Robert and Min. Josephine Wilson ( and

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Senior Adult Ministry

Ministry to the senior adults of the community in terms of programming, events and the coordination of care.

Leader: Sis. Brenda Denefield and Min. Sheila Watkins ( and

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Scouting Ministry

Tiger Cub through Boy Scout troops for boys.

Leader: Ron Mullis (

Day: Designed days for troops and pack meetings as well as off-site trips

Time: TBA

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Women’s Services

WWTIC, Women’s Bible Study, Women’s Retreat, Women’s Breakfast, Naomi & Ruth, The Clothing Closet, Back to School Fair, Women’s Health Fair

Leader: Pastor Cathy Johnson (

Location: TBA

4:12 Youth Ministry

The House of the Lord 4:12 Youth Ministry, derived from I Timothy 4:12, is a place where our students, and families are loved, encouraged, and strengthened as they grow in their faith. Our youth and Youth Ministry serves youth grades 7th through freshmen year of college. Our primary goal is to help youth develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by providing them the resources to grow in worship, ground them in the Word, and give them opportunities to witness and serve others. We also give them the skills and support they need to make wise decisions at this critical time in their lives.

Leader: Min. Alexandra Star Thomas |

Meeting Times:

  • 1st Sunday: All In 6th – 12th @ 10:30am
  • 2nd Sunday: Fusion 9th – 12th @ 10:am
  • 3rd Sunday: Elevate 6th – 8th@ 10:30
  • 4th Sunday: 6th – 12th | for girls The Cafe | for boys The Union

Age range: 6th – 12th grade

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson |

Location: The House of the Lord in the Youth Center