Gathering & Serving


Gathering and Serving Ministries at the House of the Lord

Below you’ll find a listing of different ministries at The House of the Lord led by our ministers, pastors, deacons, and other leaders. There is something for everyone to get involved and connected deeper in relationship with each other and with our great God.

Gathering and serving ministries include those that happen during worship gatherings or special corporate events for the House of the Lord. For example: coffee connection ministry, communion, altar workers, greeters, information booth ministry, prayer warriors, and more.

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Alter Workers

Receiving those that responded positively to the call of salvation by praying with them at the altar. 

Day: Sunday & Special Event Services

Time: 8:45a, 11:30am

Leader: Pastor Delores McComb-Hammond (

Contact: Pastor Daren Brake (

Coffee Connection Ministry

After worship service fellowship with snacks and beverages for the congregation. 

Leaders: Joyce Ingram and Sue Abrams

Contact Pastor Herman Matherson (

Communion Ministry

Staff pastors, ministers and deacons assist Bishop Johnson in serving communion on the first Sunday of each month.  Those who are sick and shut-in may request communion by contacting:

Leaders: Deacon Michael Parker and Miles Wilson

Contact: and

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Pat Butler (

Parking Lot Ministry

While often behind the scenes, the parking lot ministry provides the strategic guidance for successful completion of many events for a church with many members.  By directing members and visitors to their respective parking locations, our visitors may attend an event with a greater sense of order and safety.

Leaders: Brother Demetrius Simpson (

Day: All services and events

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Greeters Ministry

Welcoming all that come through the doors of The House of the Lord® with a warm greeting and a touch.

Leader: Min. Annie Clark (

Day: 2nd Sunday

Time: 10:30am

Advisor: Pastor Cathy Johnson (

Information Booth Ministry

Provide information about ministry events within The House of the Lord® to members and guests.

Leader: Min. Annie Clark (

Day: Sundays and Special Events

Advisor: Pastor Cathy Johnson (

Intercessory Prayer Warriors

Prayer ministry before, during and after worship services and special events.

Leader: Pastor Beddie McGowan (

Day: Sunday and Wednesday

Advisor: Pastor Cathy Johnson (

Location: Prayer Chapel


Assisting members and visitors on directions around the premises as well as finding a seat in the worship centers.  Facilitating orderly transitions.

Leader: Brother James Shropshire (

Advisor: Pastor Cathy Johnson (

Location: Prayer Chapel

Water Baptism

As a profession of faith and obedience to the commandment of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19), all believers in Christ should be baptized.  Before being baptized, candidates must attend the Water Baptism Class, which is held on the fourth Sunday of each month at 8:45 a.m.  Water Baptism Service is held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Leader: Sister Jewrusha Butts (

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Daren Brake (