Pastoral Care Ministries

Pastoral Care Ministires at the House of the Lord

Below you’ll find a listing of different ministries at The House of the Lord led by our ministers, pastors, deacons, and other leaders. There is something for everyone to get involved and connected deeper in relationship with each other and with our great God.

Pastoral care ministries at the House of the Lord include all ministries that actively serve members and those in need of care, counsel, and crisis help. These ministries include: hospitality ministry, grief counseling, benevolence ministry, funeral care, New Creations, support group ministry, and prison ministry.

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3rd Day Grief Ministry

Ministry to families that have lost a loved one or have experienced a recent tragedy in their lives. 

Day: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday

Time: 6:00pm

Leader: Michelle Ross (

Barnabas Ministry

Ministry of support and caring to those struggling with personal issues requiring one on one attention.

LeadersMarilyn Turner and Debi Arnold

Contact: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Benevolence Ministry

Many times we experience hardship in our lives.  The House of the Lord under the leading of God and the headship of Bishop Johnson seek to provide help to those who are in need while challenging them to move forward in their life with the aid of the benevolence ministry.  While it is not long term, it provides a glimpse of hope in times of need.

LeadersPastor Herman Matherson (

Day: Applications may be picked up in teh office

Location: The House of the Lord office

Funeral Ministry

The funeral ministry stands ready to serve and comfort the family whenever a church member dies or whenever an immediate family member of a church member dies.

Leaders: Pastor Pat Butler (

Day: As necessary

Contact: Ministry Cheryl Warfield (

Hospitality Ministry

Ministry that provides a “catering” type of service for designated church events.

LeaderSister Sue Valentine (

Day: 2nd Sunday

Time: 10:30am

Advisor: Pastor Cathy Johnson (

Midnight to Dawn Grief Ministry

Ministry to grievers that guides individuals through small steps in a group setting to be able to complete losses.

LeadersMin. Cheryl Warfield ( and Sis. June Lynch (

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

New Creations

Ministry to those that struggle with substance abuse (i.e., Alcohol, drugs, etc.)

LeaderBro. Gordon Keaton (

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Prison and Reentry Ministry

Through the message of hope, the prison and reentry program at The House of the Lord® provides a strategic message geared to those incarcerated and those reentering society.  While they may have been incarcerated, we demonstrate a desire to usher those who are willing toward a fresh start in life.  This is carried out through the message of Christ and partnering with outside agencies for goal attainment.

Leader: Rev. Gregory Clark (

Day: Sunday

Time: Bi-monthly

Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Herman Matherson (

Location: Community-Based Correctional Facilities

Support Group Ministry

Small group ministry to those struggling with issues such as sexual addiction, post abortion, father wounds.

LeaderPastor Herman Matherson (

Location: TBA

Visitation Ministry

Ministers and Deacons are available to visit members who may be in the hospital, nursing homes or incarcerated, in order to pray for, encourage and minister to any spiritual need and where possible, minister as well to any physical need.


Pastoral Advisor: Pastor Cheryl Warfield

Location: TBA