Pastor Patricia J. Butler

As a member of The House of the Lord, Pastor Pat Butler serves as Executive Assistant to Bishop F. Josephus Johnson II. She was appointed to office of Elder in 2005 and in 2006, was appointed to the role of Chief Adjutant to Bishop Johnson. In 2008, Bishop Johnson ordained Pat as Pastor of Administrative Services. In January 2021, she retired from full-time employment at the church but continues to serve as a member, Elder and assistant to Bishop Johnson.

Pastor Pat has been under the tutelage of Bishop Johnson since joining the church in 1983. During this time, she has served in many ministry capacities such as a Sunday School Teacher (Women in the Word, Women Designed by God, Women of Diagonal Road, Junior/Senior High School classes and others); Information Booth service; Intercessory Prayer Warrior;  member of the WWTIC Choir and Adult Choir; member of 3rd Day Ministry; a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and an Admission Officer for Logos Bible Institute.

During different seasons on staff, Pastor Pat has served as an Advising Pastor to the following ministries: Office Manager, Events Coordinator, Deacons Ministry, the Ministers Ministry, the church bookstore, the Evangelism Ministry Team, the Adjutants Academy, Photography Ministry, the Office Volunteer Team, Special Events, Marketing, Job Posting, Ushers and Greeters, Christian Education and the Altar Worker Ministry.

Pastor Pat worked in corporate America for 35 years before retiring in 2004 and joining the staff of The House of the Lord. She has the gift of administration and has enjoyed facilitating workshops on office administration, time management and servanthood. Pastor Pat is a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, niece and auntie to her family, and dedicated and devoted to her friends and most importantly, she is a daughter of the Most High God, who she serves and loves.