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Bishop Flanvis Josephus Johnson

Bishop Flanvis Josephus Johnson, II, better known as Bishop Joey, has been the Organizer and Senior Pastor of The House of the Lord® church in Akron, Ohio for 50 years, and the Presiding Bishop of the Beth-El Fellowship of Visionary Churches. As a visionary, Bishop Johnson founded the Johnson Leadership Institute (formerly known as the Pastoral Mentoring Institute), where he utilizes his powerful gifting to train and mentor senior pastors and other church leaders to be more effective in their local churches and to make an impact on today’s society and generations to come for the cause of Jesus Christ. As a lover of The Holy Scriptures, with keen intellectual curiosity and an insatiable appetite for reading, Bishop Johnson founded Emmanuel Christian Academy and Logos Bible Institute to present opportunities to both children and adults to become educated and equipped in the foundation of God’s Word.  Bishop Johnson is a biblical theologian and an interdisciplinary aficionado of biblical truths often teaching by unveiling the character of God and His ways. Bishop Johnson has an open heart to share his materials and reading with Pastors and leaders to enable their development and ability to shepherd their congregations.  Visit the Resources Page for more information.

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